latest updates (archive)


* Added the chords to the entire 'The Great War' album from Justin Currie. All the chords submitted by Laurence Booth. Fantastic effort Laurence - thank you!


* Added the chords to She Cuts Her Own Fringe and When Raymond Comes Around thanks to Laurence Booth


* Added the chords to Let it Be Me and Get to Me (the extra tracks on the No Surrender single)


* Thanks to Jacob in Germany, I corrected the missing link to 'When I Want You' chords.


* Have just added the chords to 'What is Love For?' (Only Love and Gold Dust) - thanks to Ed Williamson


* Have just added the chords to 'What is Love For?' (Thanks to Paul Hancock and Scott Cooper)


* Justn's solo record 'Rebound' has a release date! October this year!! By all accounts, worth the wait folks!


* New chords added! Thanks to Ed Williamson - we have added 'A Little Luck' to the B-sides chords page.


* Yes, long time since last update I know - nothing new to post on the site either. Just letting you all know it's still running and if you have any submissions for the missing chords please send in. Hopefully Justin will release his album and from there I can include some chords. Thanks for your support over the years!


* Added the a link to Justin's site where he has put some new tracks for us to check out.


* Added the chords to a couple of the Uncle Devil Show tracks to the Solo section thanks to to Ed Wililamson!!


* Added the chords to 'Just Before You Leave' - thanks to Ed Wililamson!!


* The site has been completed overhauled - new URL and I've cleaned up the design somewhat. I've kept the original look - as I think the simple design is what works best. Hopefully now that Justin is about to release a solo album, we might get some more music and some more chords up on the site.


* Updated roll to me with a new version found by Mark. 

* More than a year since last update... very slack of me. I live in the UK now - but the site will still exist as long as folks keep visiting it that's for sure. Some updates - Mark Waters has kindly submitted some tab sections to a few songs. Check out Some Other Suckers Parade, Start With Me, Just Like a Man, and High Times. Cheers Mark!
* Cassie Van Gelder has submitted the chords to I'm An Unbeliever. One of the best Dels songs in a while I think. Thanks Cassie!


* Hi - I've added the intro riff for always the last to know kindly submitted by Neil Parry - thanks Neil!


* Another year gone by since last update (almost!!) My apologies once again for any one who is waiting on any updates. I do have a couple from Neil Parry to put up soon, so I'll get to those this month.
* If anyone has any more to submit - please don't be deterred by the sites lack of updates - if you send some new stuff through I promise to get it up on the site asap. 

* As promised I have a couple of updates. Thanks to Alex for a new accurate version of move away jimmy blue to check out. Cheers Alex!
* Also Dave has submitted last cheap shot at the dream for everyone to check out. Sorry for taking so long Dave. 

* Del Amitri land is very quiet these days, and I've been as busy as every with work. Rob Cimmarusti sent me this correction for here and now ages ago, and I've finally updated the site. Thanks Rob!
* I have some other updates and submissions from other folks as well I hope to put up at Xmas time, when I get a chance! THANKS to everyone who has EVER contributed to the site. It is VERY MUCH appreciated. 

* Yes - been a few months since last update. I have a few submissions (thanks folks!!) I need to check out and then I'll post them on the site. I do have an update from Neil Parry. He has submitted high times. Thanks to Neil once more.
* I have also corrected the lyrics in drunk in a band thanks to Jamie Carter.


* More from Neil - Finally completed Waking Hours chords with you're gone added.


* Neil Parry has gone ape and submitted a heap of changes and corrections and new stuff; Check out:
nothing ever happens - added the chords to the solo
cash and prizes - new transcription to this cool tune
in the frame - a new version complete with a short video of Justin doing the intro live
tell her this - another version with the correct tuning as well
be my downfall - another correct tuning version
mother natures writing - added the intro for us


* Wow - people submitting thick and fast these days! Andy Smith has submitted for the first time - buttons on my clothes;
and Ben Sparks has submitted out falls the past. Thanks lads!
* Neil Parry has returned once more to submit an excellent alternate intro to here and now. You can even listen to an MP3 of Neil playing the intro; Thanks for your never ending support Neil!


* Lots of new updates thanks to Jakob Lose and Troy Heffelfinger; If there's different versions of the same tracks I'll post them all nonetheless.
Jakob has submitted just getting by; and spare pair of laces.
* Troy has been busy with a few new tracks and some older b-sides:
baby it's me
she's passing this way
just getting by
spare pair of laces
bye bye pride
roll on babe


* Apart from being my 28th Birthday today - here's a couple of updates on NEW! tracks from Neil Parry
drunk in a band
you love me


* Corrected the chords in the bridge for here and now, thanks to Robert Cimmarusti!!


* Well a HUGE thanks to Troy Heffelfinger for submitting a heap of songs to me recently. These submissions have nailed quite a few of the missing links.
Troy has submitted:
the whole world is quiet
three little words
no holding on
lines running north
the heart is a bad design
cry to be found
canned laughter
april the first
angel on the roof


* Well with the new album on the very near horizon, this has inspired me to change the front page image (thanks to Kevin for allowing me to use it). Also, with Kris & Mark being regulars for a while, it's only fitting they get their mugs on the site as well. Also, I will have a pretty big update very soon for you as a very generous lad has submitted quite a few of the missing transcriptions.
* Also update the link to Debs Discography too! See the Links area!


* You probably all thought the site was dead? Well, with no new album and only a few songs to go to work out the chords for the site I haven't posted anything for almost a year. Fear not! With the new album due early next year, I have prepared the site for this and set it up a spot for the chords to the new tracks. I have also enlisted the help of a mate who is spending time in Korea and has promised to fill the gaps with regards to the missing transcriptions to the 5th Fret.


* Has it really been more than 3 months since I updated the site?? My apologies to you all. A good time to say Merry Christmas too, and hope it was been safe and warm for you all!! I've got a bit of time to add start with me that Kurt sent me a few months back. Also I've added so many souls to change thanks to Neil Parry and Bob McWilliams. Have a funky start to 2001 everybody! Here's hoping we see a new Dels CD before Christmas 2001 !!


* Kurt sent this very accurate transcription of be my downfall to me a couple of weeks ago, but I've been rather busy (as we all are eh?).
* I have been working on queen of false alarms lately, but I'm just can't quite nail a chord in the bridge. As always, if you wanna check it out and solve it for me, please do!


* Seems the plea for submissions has been heard! Kurt Eger has submitted one I've been wanting to figure out for ages - won't make it better. He has also transcribed medicine as well. Thanks Kurt!


* Added a brand new link to Dirk's Del Amitri MP3 archive site. Check it out as it has heaps of Dels B-sides and other cool rare MP3's ripe for the picking!


* With some help from Paul again, I've managed to get a couple more tracks from Twisted done
being somebody else, food for songs and crashing down. As always if you find errors let me know!!


* Sorry there hasn't been many updates for a while, but I've been on vacation to Europe for 4 weeks. Had a blast! Anyway, I do have a new one to add - long way down. Thanks to Paul Nicholson
* It's time to issue the plea again I guess - there's not that many left really, but here is the list of songs still needed at least some kind of transcribing. Please take a look and if you have any ideas or completed songs, please send em on in - and I'll put em up here!! I am hoping to have all the current and past songs done BEFORE the new album comes out towards the end of the year !!


* Added a couple of new B-sides thanks again to Neil Parry of Here&Now
* You can now check out another letter home and fred partington's daughter


* Seem to be on a roll this long weekend, the weather is shit, so good chance to work out some songs!!
* Added chords to opposite view, any errors please let me know


* Thanks to Mike Lewis, I've been able to finish off all chords to Change Everything.
* I've added chords to the ones that you love lead you nowhere
* Added behind the fool
* Added as soon as the tide comes in
* Added sometimes I just have to say your name
* I corrected the bridge in the first rule of love


* Added chords to just like a man thanks again to Richard


* Added chords to long journey home thanks to Richard Tipler.


* Corrected lyrics to Drowned on Dry land spotted by Leah


* Added link to Russell Taylor's Del Amitri Page - see the Links page


* Added chords to drowned on dry land thanks to Neil Parry


* Happy New Year to you all, only a small update tonight as I'm off to get drunk (couldn't do it last night, had to work) so going to have my own NYE party tonight!! I've added a link to Dels Discography Site maintained by Deb and Dean


* New look, new address for the 5th fret!!. I've finally, due to the fact that I've had a couple of days off from work been able to sit down and refresh the site a little. The main pages have changed quite a bit, although I've kept the font styles (I really like the look). Please let me know what you think of the new look for the site. I've also managed to update all the links, so they should all be right now. I've also been able to correct a few errors on the chords pages and add a few new transcriptions thanks to Neil Parry.
* Added chords to stone cold sober thanks to Neil Parry
* Corrected chords to move away jimmy blue thanks to Neil Parry once again
* Corrected the missing chord in spit in the rain
* Added chords to someone else will thanks to Neil Parry


* WoooHooo - Paul Houston has submitted the chords to mother nature's writing - Thanks Paul!!


* Finally found a few minutes to knock up empty. This is actually my first transcription since
January!!! Woohooo!


* I would just like to apologise for the lack of updates to the site over the past 2 months.
My job has really bogged me down, and I haven't sat down with my guitar since March!
I would like to send out a request to those of you who have submitted stuff before to submit some more stuff!
The list of songs still needed in some shape or form is here.
Please take a look and see if you can submit a song or two so I can complete the site.
I really do appreciate any submissions! Thanks to all of you who visit and especially those who submit!


* Added chords to when i want you thanks to Dave 'the legend' Bieler
* Added chords to it's never too late to be alone thanks to Dave 'the legend' Bieler
* Added chords to i won't take the blame thanks to Dave 'the legend' Bieler


* Added chords to paper thin thanks to Aart Jan Bergshoeff


* Added chords to some other suckers parade thanks to Dave Bieler.


* Added a link to first Spanish Del Amitri Site ; DEL AMITRI - PasiĆ³n y sensibilidad designed by Pere-Lluis


* Added chords to learn to cry transcribed a while back, first chance to put em up here.


* Added the lyrics to early b-sides - what she calls it, out in the wind and charlie's bar. Thanks to David Arroyo Fernandez


* Corrected the chords for tell her this thanks to Paul Hancock


* Added before the evening steals the afternoon thanks to Pete Redfearn
* Added sleep instead of teardrops thanks to Paul Hancock


* Happy New Year to you all. I finally found a new home here at Xoom for the 5th fret, hope it all goes ok.


* Added a link on the front page to a little information about the creator of this!


* Added surface of the moon transribed by Dave 'the legend' Bieler
* Added to last a lifetime with help from Richard Hopton.


* Added not where it's at thanks to Dave Bieler


* Added when you were young thanks to Dave Bieler
* Added the missing chords to 'scared to live' thanks to Richard Hopton
* Added 'the return of maggie brown' thanks to Richard Hopton

All the new updates today were kindly submitted by Richard Hopton

* Added 'what i think she sees' to the Some Other Suckers Parade page.
* Added 'life is full' to the Some Other Suckers Parade page.
* Added 'lucky guy' to the Some Other Suckers Parade page.
* Added 'through all that nothing' to the Some Other Suckers Parade page.
* Added 'no family man' to the Some Other Suckers Parade page.
* Added 'make it always be too late' to the Some Other Suckers Parade page.
* Corrected 'be my downfall'.
* Corrected 'in the frame'


* Added the lyrics to 'drowned on dry land' thanks to David 'Real Madrid' Arroyo Fernandez.


* Added 'the first rule of love' to the Change Everything chords, with assistance by Daami Daamster
* Added 'hatful of rain' thanks to Daami Daamster


* Added 'one thing left to do' to the Twisted Chords, with assistance by Neil Parry.


* Added 'one step at a time' to the B-sides list.
* Added the B-side lyrics to the Lyrics section.
* Corrected the chords to 'always the last to know'


* Added 'don't cry no tears' to the B-sides list.


* Added 'cindy incidentally' to the B-sides list.


* Added 'the verb to do'to the B-sides listing, assisted by Neil Parry.
* Added 'the last love song' to the B-sides listing.


* Corrected the chords for In the frame, thanks to Neil Parry.