not so sentimental now

|Am    |C     |F    |F    |

             C                 Am
Pick Up Your shit, and my shit too
I don't need a TV to stare at
or those pretty clothes to glare at
     D7                  C
That you never put on anyhow
         F          Dm         |Am    |C     |F    |F    |
Coz baby I'm not so sentimental now

             c                 Am
Out with the old, out with the new
If there's a trinket worth keeping
You'd better get it while I'm sleeping
D7                          C
Soon, before the war breaks out
         F          Dm          Am
Coz baby I'm not so sentimental now

F                        G        Am
   Don't think because I loved so hard
                G        F
I can't be hard when the hating starts
So take your wounded "ow!"
        Bb                |Dm  |F  |Bb  |C  |Dm  |Bb  |C   |C  |
Coz I'm not so sentimental now

          C      G\B                 Am
Take everything,       take what you see
    Dm            Dm\C
The vitamins, the drawing pins
    G                  Am           D7
The covers you've been lieing in to me
            C    G\B    Am           F
Yeah take a bow,            coz baby I'm
       Dm            Am
Not so   sentimental now