get to me

Capo 4th Fret
|Em   |Em   |C  C6 |C  C6  |Em   |Em   |

Some people get me right
                               C           C6   C   C6
Most others take untill they're satisfied
Tell all the superstars
                             C           C6
No need to slide their spotlight so far
C            C6          Em
  No need to get to me.

When the players go
                          C           C6   C
I don't go looking for an aftershow
        C6             Em
I don't treasure every memory
                              C            C6
not trying to get somewhere I used to be
C                    C6          Em
  I'm Just trying to get to me

|Em   |Em   |C  C6 |C  C6  | x2

I know those other guys
                                   C             C6
Spit out their songs like they can see the light
C         C6                 Em
  I never thought that I was anything
                          C           C6
But when the fans thank me now I think
C                   C6         Em
  They're trying to get to me

                               Cmaj7   C6
I know there's someone one the inside
I hear him moving around at midnight
Dm                               E7         Am
Sometimes you can see him at the back of my eyes
Am7                          F
Dragged from the depths of a secret life
G                            Em
    That's when you get to me

Some people get me right
                               C          C6
Most others check the face and pass me by
C               C6               Em
  Some brothers want some favour in return
                                 C            C6
Some think I know something they got to learn

C                               Em
  Some want a picture for their gallery
                              C          C6
Some think they got a right to question me
C             C6             Em
  And if they treasure every memory
                   C         C6
I just wheel out my effigy
C               C6          Em
  They'll never get to me