Gbsus2   Gb   Gbsus2   Gb

[Verse 1]
Gb            Cb
Have you seen Priscilla
        Bbm             Db7
Was she trying to look away
         Bbm         Cb
From the pity in the mirror
        Db7                   Gb
Of your eyes as surprise held sway?

[Verse 2]
    Gb             Cb
And did she look delightful
        Bbm               Db7
In that frightful kind of way
              Bbm                     Cb
And could you still see the girl that loved me
      Db7                Gb
After all that I carved away?

  Db7                 Gb           Cb
A fist clenched in my heart when I heard you say
         Db7                       Ebm
ìShe has gone down the road called wrongî
      Abm             Db7               Gb
So go right ahead and cast the blame my way

(Gb)   Bbm   Db7   Abm7/Eb    Db7   Gb

[Verse 3]
    Gb              Cb
And when you saw Priscilla
        Bbm           Db7
Did you finally judge me
       Bbm            Cb
As the jailer and the killer
       Db7              Gb
Of the glory she should be?

Submitted by Laurence Booth