half of me


[Verse 1]
(Dm7)                        G7
Half of me is tied up in our life
        Dm7                         G7
But half of me keeps one eye on the knife
Gm             Gm/F             Eb         Dm7
Called upon by spirits from the golden cemetery
    Gm          Gm/F Gm/E                     D7
I'm living in a fantasy that I'm ever cutting free of that

[Verse 2]
    Dm7                      G7
Half of me who is timid and afraid
        Dm7                                  G7
But half of me wants to leave the life we've made
    Gm             Gm/F        Eb               Dm7
And go out blazing trails in a haze of rock and roll
       Gm             Gm/F               Gm/E
But my other half she laughs like it's a joke
Fighting for the soul

[Verse 3]
       Dm7                           G7
Of half of me ñ that is all she ever gets
        Dm7                            G7
But half of me knows that half of me regrets
Gm              Gm/F                Eb           Dm7
Ripping through the years without a hope of happiness
    Gm            Gm/F        Gm/E                  D7
But failure never held me any fears until I had success
      Bb       Gm                        Dm7    Bb   Gm    Dm7
But half of me    deserves everything he gets

[Verse 4]
(Dm7)                    G7
Half of me is ready to retire
    Dm7                              G7
But half of me is still riven with a fire
Gm            Gm/F           Eb              Dm7
Driving me to conjure up the passions of the past
  Gm            Gm/F             Gm/E                  D7
Undignified and faithless to the last and so it has to be
         Bb     Gm                     Dm7    Bb
That half of me    is forever running free
             Gm    Dm7
From half of me

Submitted by Laurence Booth