you’re gone

A  XX7655
B  XX9877
A* X77655
E  022100
F# 244322

For the verse, you slide from A on the first beat, 
then play 3 beats on B, then start again. 
Then play a fuller sounding A, on the fourth line of each verse.

A slide B
I turned on a T.V. station 
A slide B
And Lip-read with the sound turned down 
A slide B
It was Pro-Celeb mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 
With Esther Rantzen 
                             A slide B
Playing the one who's drowned 
In a room next door a couple is fighting 
But isn't that just one of love's charms 
When moods change as fast as lightning 
And fifteen minutes later you're 
Lying in each other's arms 
And you're gone 
They say that it's better to have loved and lost 
Than never to have loved at all 
But if you sit down and count the cost of 
All those losses 
There's no profit at all 
This city gets crazy at Christmas 
Glitter guards the crucifix all over the place 
Its head gets too big for its body 
And its mouth gets 
Too big for its face 

A slide B
A*                  A slide B      
.........And you're gone
A*                  A slide B
.........And you're gone 

Never throw away an old newspaper 
Everyday's rich with its current accounts 
Prince visits Philippines and parliament debates it 
Back page, column five 
Somebody's wedding's announced 
Sunday night's the night for loving 
And squeezing out the weekend's last drops 
Sunday night's the night for forgiving 
maybe that's why 
They shut the shops 
And you're gone 

One day you wake up 
                                       A slide B
And all the pain you've given out gets returned 
But I'm not sorry now 
E                        F#
I've payed for what I've learned 
And you're gone 

          A slide B
you're gone 
I turned on a T.V. station and 
Lip-read with the sound turned down 
It was the Church of Christ playing the Price Is Right 
Where everybody starves 
While Leslie Crowther counts. 

Transcribed by Neil Parry