one thing left to do

Intro - played on one guitar (transcribed from the acoustic version)
(from Neil Parry)

(repeat intro)

G     A7sus4            D    
 So long, hope you dreams come true 
G                A7sus4                D  
Now I've gone i know you're gonna bloom 
             A              Bm  C        Bm A G
And did you want me to say I'd die for you 

G         A7sus4       D
What you wanted I couldn't give 
   G        A7sus4           D
I guess I needed it to live 
        A                  Bm  C         Bm  A  G
And did you want me to say I'd die for you 
G       Bm A G 
Die for you

             Em        Em7              
And did you want me to 
give my heart to you, 
        Em      Em7
Well I wanted to 
    A          G                   G  A7sus4 D
but I wasn't sure who I belonged to 

And so long to everything 
Now there's only one thing left to do, 
I guess I want to prove that I'd die for you 
I don't think of you, like I used to do, 
I can't figure who, I'm writing this to 

Instrumental -   A     G     A7sus4    Bm7   G   A7sus4    D 

          A                Bm7 C                 Intro repeat
And it's OK if you want to say I died for you.