it’s never too late to be alone

Chords used:
  G	 C/G	  D	
320033	332010	xx0232	

G				 C/G
Summer here is over in a million different ways 
D						 C/G		 G	C	
You look like a dream sometimes, but I don't dream these days 
G				    C/G
Yesterday the snow fell, by four o'clock it thawed 
D								C/G
And last night making love to you, well honey, it was such a fraud 

G					C/G
'Cos you can find yourself a lover 
G				C/G
You can find yourself a home
D				C/G 
You can want no other ever
			  D		G 
But it's never too late to be alone 

So everything is settled or so we do pretend 
From a beautiful beginning babe to a muted kind of end 
And our separate possessions are shuffled up on shelves 
Like our fingers lock together when we talk about ourselves 

	  D				C/G
You can find yourself one day staring into space
	  D				 C/G	 
With a suitcase waiting by the door
	  D						C/G 
You can think you've got it made 'til it hits you in the face
 					     D		 G	
That these are not the people you wanted to be before 

Summer here is over, you can feel it in the air 
From the down-town shells to the upland hills 
The chill is everywhere