won’t make it better


A add9/C#	C#m7		C#7		F#m7				
X42200		x46454		x4342x		24222	

Amaj.7		G6		D/F#		
X02120		320000		200232

Intro: 	D	F#m	E	D 	repeat

             D	F#m		    E	D
So you say you		 are sick of love
          D	     F#m			    E	
Got a mind to 		give the damn thing up
          D		F#m			   E	D
Got a house full 	  of stuff your lovers left
           D		        F#m	           C#m	E
Gonna take a bus to      the	 city dump with it

	             A	Aadd9/C#	           C#m7	F#m7
CH:	So you want to 		throw away the old you
	             A	C#7	          F#m	E	
But the old you is old enough to know
	D		 E	D	          E
It won't make you better    It won't make you better

Sick of being a loser, so you say
Gonna go out and choose a new personality
Ain't gonna look at her picture lie awake all night
You're gonna dazzle the future with your inner light

Repeat Chorus

	D	A	         	Amaj.7
	I've 	set out on that	 mission too
		        G6		 D/F#
	A little revo-  lution to for-  get her
	B7    E		        D
	Try-	ing to make it better