no family man

Capo 2nd fret

A F#m A

                    A                  F#m
Well, I talk like a boy to my baby sometimes 
                    A                     F#m
And you talk like a baby when your boy is crying 
                      E                      D
You made something to love but I love what I am 
No family man 

                        A                         F#m
So don't tell me you've got something better than me 
                    A              F#m
Don't say that it's a great mystery 
                 E                        D
It's just making love what you want it to be, 
             F#m  E           A
That's why I am     no family man 

            F#m                    D
That is why all that I have in the world 
               B9   C#m7                B9  E
Is an ocean of time with this beautiful girl 

                          A                          F#m
Have you got something to prove with your own little you
                     A                        F#m 
Have I wasted my time, cut through the family line 
               E             D
In the race to life, I am an also-ran 
But I've run enough to know 
E             D
I'm no family man
               F#m            E             A
Yeah I've done enough to know I'm no family man

Transcribed by Richard "Irtimaled" Hopton