A* barre with index finger - X0222X
D/A ring on D, Index on G, Middle on B - XO423X
F#m7 - 242222
A/E  - 002220
Bm7  - X24232
A/C# - X4222X


A*		      D/A		A
You can find another country if you want 
		    D/A	             A
Somewhere you can hide yourself away
		      D/A		 A
Find yourself another set of holes to haunt
		     D/A		       A
Get yourself another debt that you can't pay
			  D/A	       A
Yeah, you can try to run for cover everywhere
	       D/A	              A
Add another letter to your name 
		     D/A	           A
Burn everything you ever used to wear
		     D/A		        A
Get yourself another lover that looks the same
			        D			            A			  
But sometimes it's the medicine, sometimes it's the medicine, 
		   Bm7	       E		        A
 Sometimes it's the medicine itself that makes the pain

		    F#m7	  A/E			        D
And you can always hide 		the wreckage that you came from
		 E		             Bm7	A/C#	D	E	D	A
But every new disguise is just another lie to run from