the verb to do

Capo 6th fret
C=032013 oscilate your first finger


(Repeat Intro riff)
If you or I don't say it who's going to 
We can dance around it or dance for truth 
    G			      Bb	 F    Am
We sit here conjugating every variation through 
The verb to do 

(same as first verse)
Now I don't want to hang it all on you 
If blame must be allotted, I'll take some too 
But someone just say "Damn it, I need to be tonight with you" 
The verb to do 

      Dm	   G             Dm             G
If I don't seem to want it, if it won't show through 
      Dm     G               Am		   G          C     
It's only because it has me paralysed for want of loving you 

(same as first verse)
So if you and I don't make it, well who's going to 
Why can't we just state it bold as blue 
Look out over this city the first word their taught to use 
Is the verb to do