life by mistake

Am				F	     C
So you were right when you said I was just a fake 
Am				  F             C
You just got used and when you're used you're thrown away 
           F                  G		   C-G
Look at me now, look at the lines upon my face 
		F		 Am         G           F       G  C-G
And look at my crowd, haven't we all lived like it's a race 

Am				F		    C
And there are times I sense the trails of pain and leave 
		Am			F  		C
When over the road there hangs those springtime lynching trees 
            F			G
Just look around, everyone's acting the same way 

        F			  Am	   G            F
In a playground town where we can all live like it's a race 
 	     Am	   G          F
Where we can all live for we can take 
		F	  G
But haven't we all lived life by mistake 

F C F    F C F

And haven't we all chased time 
Am     F	  Am	    F		   Am	   	 
Like a paper cup down the street and up the stairs 
                Dm	     F
And haven't we all found the door is shut 
And the keys are everywhere 

In this life by mistake 

F   G   F   Am G F   Am 

		Am		F	    C
And there are moments when the heavens open wide 
              Am		  F		   C
When you can hold your dreams and see your future bright 
	 F		   G
Look at me now, haven't I tried to do what's right 
              F              Am		G	    F
The way I know how, I have acquired my life like a taste 
              Am      G		    F
And I have tried to live the right way 
But I have lived my life by mistake 

F C F  -   F C F  -   F C F  -  F F G