i’m an unbeliever

C     	G	             Am         F
Has the light spread, or the darkness shrunk?
                C	       D	         F
Do the nights not fall any more?
	  C       G         Am	F
In the silver chain of lakes I sunk
	C	     D                F
'Til something hauled me ashore
		    Am		                 F
And G-d was watching with his beady eye
       Am		        F   G	
Salivating, waiting for my cry
	     Am         Em	          F	        Em
But then she came by, kicked the angels from the sky

    F		    G
Now I'm an unbeliever
	   Am			F		G
'Cause she's a breathing, walking, talking heathen
	 Am       Em	F   
And I need her

		C       G	      Am	F	
When the darkness came, like a spreading stain
	      C	         D		   F
I could sometimes feel myself fall
		C       G               Am         F
Through the black drain of a loveless world
	C                    D         F
To a place where cowards crawl

		Am				F
When G-d was watching, I could feel him sneer
	Am				    F    G
Easy picking, pulling prayers from the fear
	     Am           Em	           F	        Em	
But then she came by, kicked the angels from the sky

          F	       Dm               G
And out of nothing she materialized
         Am                  Dm                           F    	   G
A vision with her wings missing, she opened up my eyes
	Em		Am	          F	          Am	       		
A mission ready for kissing so the dead could be revived

                   Am		        F
If G-d is watching, surely he'll despair
	       Am			       F   G
Another sucker lost to one who's really there
		Am	 Em		F	          Em
'Cause when she came by, well the angels quit the sky

(F)    		  Am   Em  D  
As long as I can see her
		Am   Em   F
I'll be an unbeliever

(Repeat Am-Em-F)
I was on my knees, yeah
I was sinking deeper
I was praying "Please bring me some relief", yeah
My mind was dead, erased
I was flesh and blood asking to be saved
I was ripe for the grip of some phony holy fellowship
And now I need her
Now I can feel her
Now I can see her
	  Am	Em
Let me testify
Without no fear, yeah
I'm an unbeliever

submitted by Cassie Van Gelder