another letter home


A     x02220 
Asus  x02200 
D     xx0232 
Dsus2 xx0230 

Intro - Asus  A    Asus   A

Asus       A               Asus         A          Asus         A               Asus           A         
There's a true blue moon in the black city sky But up it looks white as an eyeball from here 
         D           Dsus2             D           Dsus2                               Asus          A
And I wonder tonight, does it look white from where you are too? 
            Asus       A               Asus         A                  Asus         A               Asus           A
And so far every morning, I wake up missing you  the sweat in my T-shirts and dust in my shoes 
     D           Dsus2             D           Dsus2             Asus          A
Reminds me that paradise is only a point of view 

You know, everybody here seems to be sleepwalking  and pretending that they're free 
But they are all owned by Coca-Cola and maintained by vitamin C 
And there's freak shows and strip shows and theme parks and all those standard distractions and curiosities 
So I smile at strangers like this is the place to be 
But if you took away the sunshine, dirt would be all you'd see 
And someone should tell me how to stop feeling small between sky-scraping offices and 20 ft Marlboros 
The squeeze of a hand suggests love at first "How do you do?" 
And it's all so sincere here it just seems insane last night somebody told me that there's two ways to fame
you can kill someone or you can dress up and change your name 

And you can be a has-been without having been anything 
But the light relief at the end of the news when the hill of things you've thrown away is bigger than the things you've used 
But they say you can still see your face in the polish on the President's shoes 
So everyone's laughing and living in style the bill for the dentist as big as the smile 
I open my eyes and toothpaste is all I see  you know everyone's so friendly here they just post poned World War Three